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Industry 4.0 (Industrial IoT) handles technologies that aim to connect physical industrial assets with digital insights, while digitizing the entire chain of production. As the name suggests, companies and technologies targeting this sector view various industrial verticals as their main target markets, such as manufacturing, energy, construction, oil & gas and so on. As yet, these verticals have not fully realized the value that data can bring to industrial business processes.

This brief provides an overview of the Israeli Industry 4.0 ecosystem, with data on leading trends and success stories, indicating how Israeli technology significantly contributes to the added value that data can bring to industrial business processes.

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"Industry 4.0's technological building blocks are grounded in areas that are highly developed in the Israeli innovation ecosystem, thus presenting a significant opportunity for new types of collaborations between tech providers and the manufacturing sector. Adopting Industry 4.0 practices presents the Israeli economy with a value creation path that could add 25 billion NIS to the country's GDP by 2025. Creating this value entails a team effort from industry and government stakeholders and provides a unique opportunity for this sector to reinvent itself. "

- Eli Tidhar
Consumer and Industrial Products Industry Leader, Deloitte Israel

"Innovation in big-data analytics, machine learning, edge computing, sensing and connectivity will transform the most basic and valuable industries, such as oil & gas, mining, agriculture, construction and manufacturing. It will increase productivity and efficiency that could potentially add trillions of dollars to worldwide GDP. As investors in this field, we recognize that it is not only the innovation itself that will lead to better execution, but more importantly, the rate of adoption of this innovation that will truly influence real change in these traditional industries."

- Zvika Orron
Partner, Carmel Ventures

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