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Mitsubishi buys NeuroDerm Ltd. for $1.1 Billion
The largest acquisition ever of an Israeli based healthcare company ever.
NeuroDerm is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing treatments for central nervous system (CNS) disorders. The company’s technology enables new routes of administration for existing drugs which may enhance their efficacy.
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Why does 15% of the World’s Investment in Cybersecurity go to Israel
2016 is likely to go down as the year that hacking “came home” to Americans. Whether it was Russian hackers, Chinese hackers, teenage hackers, or careless clicking on a suspicious link, there is no question that hacker breaches of the e-mail on the Democratic National Committee’s servers...
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India-Israel: Growing Challenges and AgriTech Solutions
Following the historic visit of India’s prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, to Israel, I would like to shed some light on another aspect of Indian-Israel relations – in the AgriTech Space. Further exploration of the Indian agriculture challenges and possible Israeli AgriTech solutions can be found in a new whitepaper published by Start-Up Nation Central. Here are some key concepts.
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Major stake of Netafim bought by chemical and petrochemical company Mexichem for $1.5B
80% of Netafim, the [Israeli] pioneering drip and micro-irrigation systems company, has been bought by Mexichem. The sale has provided an ROI of 100% to the Permira fund, which sold its 61.35% share in the company.
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Israeli Smart Car Incubator to be established by Renault-Nissan
A technological innovation laboratory will be founded in Tel Aviv by Renault-Nissan, for start-up companies who develop technologies for smart cars. Renault-Nissan was one of the winners in an Israel Innovation Authority tender, and will create the incubator in Kiryat Atidim.
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"On behalf of Mercedes Benz Research and Development Tel Aviv, I would like to sincerely thank you for your extremely valuable advice and support from the very first days of the setup of our company in Israel!
I was impressed with your passion to support our entry into the Israeli market.
You helped us set the right recruitment strategy, linked us to many relevant people in the industry and connected us to important scouting best practice in the market."

- Adi Ofek, CEO - Mercedes Benz Research and Development Tel Aviv

Adi Ofek, CEO - Mercedes Benz Research and Development Tel Aviv

"Start-up Nation Central has played more than an ambassadorial role in this process. Your delivery of key market innovators, new technologies and pivotal ecosystem participants has contributed directly to the milestones achieved in these efforts to date. Your collaboration and guidance have been highly appreciated by BYN Mellon and our border innovation teams, and we look forward to partnering with Start-up Nation Central for the further advancement of our Israel ecosystem engagement."

- Suresh Kumar, Chief Information Officer

Suresh Kumar, Chief Information Officer

"The relationship we started with Startup nation central is the best short cut we could ever find to leverage Israeli innovation and to start doing business in the country. In just 2 days we were able to find 4-5 high quality candidates for partnerships or potential investments and made great connections to stay close to the startup environment in Israel. I believe that this service is extremely helpful for foreign companies. It is for sure a link that can help the local startup ecosystem achieve even greater results"

- Daniel Ramirez, Business Development 

Daniel Ramirez, Business Development 

"We found our time in Israel as stupendous. Just as I am fortunate to be able to work with a great team you have a remarkable group of talented individuals that make Start-up Nation Central a stellar organization."

- Dean Amhaus, President & CEO

Dean Amhaus, President & CEO

"In September 2016, a cross-functional team from RTL Germany, including myself, visited Tel Aviv to explore cooperation opportunities with Israeli start-up companies. We had chosen Start-up Nation Central as our single point of contact in preparing, conducting and facilitating our visit. We were impressed by Start-up Nation Central’s professionalism. The choice of companies was perfectly targeted to our initial briefing, process and logistics were extremely efficient. On top, Start-up Nation Central provided us with the necessary context to better understand the Tel Aviv ecosystem which we found impressive in terms of technological innovation"

- Marc Schröder, Managing Director

Marc Schröder, Managing Director

Start-Up Nation Central We Spark Opportunities

There’s an elusive spark that occurs when those with problems find those with solutions. It’s the spark of an opportunity. An A-ha! moment. The light being turned on in the tunnel. Global corporations, NGOs and governments face many challenges. They know that solutions often exist outside, frequently in start ups. The Israeli start up community is arguably the world’s most advanced, but it can be very difficult to navigate. How does one find start ups with relevant solutions? Where does one even start looking? Start Up Nation Central creates sparks between global corporations, NGOs and governments and the Israeli innovation engine, finding solutions to their most pressing challenges. Think of us as your gateway and the GPS.

We search for problems around the world and leverage our deep knowledge of Israeli innovation and our unique capabilities to put this engine to work. We design highly customized engagements for government, NGOs and business leaders, connecting them to the innovative solutions they need. We also fuel this innovation engine, helping people and technologies grow and develop, and convene thought leaders to help design policies that support this engine. We are a non-profit. We don’t have a commercial agenda – our only goal is to create value by facilitating great partnerships that lead to innovative solutions of difficult problems.
Put us to the test. Let us create a spark for you.

Partnering with Start-Up Nation Central

  • At Start-Up Nation Central (SNC) we create sparks between global corporations and Israel’s innovation ecosystem.
    We are your premier GPS in this ecosystem, helping companies discover valuable solutions that can transform their businesses.
    Our unique assets consist of our in-depth insights on the over 5,500 start-ups, 350 global R&D centers and dozens of innovation creation models operating in the Israeli innovation ecosystem.
    We design highly customized engagements for leading global corporations, connecting them to the innovations they need.
    These engagements, featuring close interaction with Israel’s most innovative start-ups, industry experts, academics, multinational corporations and government representatives, help foster fruitful collaboration and mutual growth.

  • Israel has emerged as one of the world’s outstanding investment hubs, second only to Silicon Valley. During the past three years, Israel’s start-up innovation ecosystem has generated over $10 billion in venture capital investments, has engaged in merger and acquisition activity valued at $20 billion and has attracted numerous new Venture Capital firms.
    Venture capital enterprises from all over the world are finding Israel’s dynamic and innovation ecosystem a competitive center meeting their demanding considerations. SNC’s unique assets in this field consist of our in-depth insights on the over 5,500 start-ups, 350 global R&D centers and dozens of innovation creation models in the Israeli innovation ecosystem.
    We at Start-Up Nation Central provide the deep knowledge of the relationships and rapidly evolving trends in this ecosystem that are necessary for investors to navigate this competitive landscape.

  • Throughout the world, government leaders understand that innovation is essential if their economies are to grow and their societies are to flourish. Innovation ecosystems have begun appearing in the most unlikely places, including Rwanda, Colombia, and Detroit, Michigan.
    Start-Up Nation Central has become the preeminent source for government leaders seeking cutting-edge technologies to solve their most intractable problems. Our online platform, Start-Up Nation Finder, offers insights into the over 5,500 innovative companies, 350 R&D centers and 250 venture capital firms operating in Israel. As a result, we serve as an invaluable resource for governments looking for solutions to serious local challenges.
    To assist other countries, we host senior foreign government leaders and officials seeking customized solutions for specific difficulties or technical deficiencies they face in their home countries. These full-day “Innovation Engagements” SNC organizes put the visiting government officials in direct contact with Israel’s innovative start-ups, industry experts, academics and multinationals operating in the country.
    Because SNC is a non-profit organization, the visits we customize for visiting delegations are completely independent and have no political or financial associations with government bodies or other entities.

  • At Start-Up Nation Central we centralize all the information available about Israel’s innovation ecosystem, which helps as serve as a navigator to all those interested in getting involved in this area. SNC’s unique assets in this field consist of our in-depth insights on the over 5,500 start-ups, 350 global R&D centers and dozens of innovation creation models in the Israeli innovation ecosystem
    We can offer academics access to our data to support research focusing specifically on Israel's innovation ecosystem as well as comparative research about global innovation and entrepreneurship.
    We assist academics in creating case study leads based on their areas of academic interest, ranging from strategy or marketing aspects to cases about innovation policy in Israel. We identify a list of the case leads tailored to the specific educational goals of each institution and educator.

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