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The global escalation of abuse and unauthorized use of digital platforms is a clear indication of why the Cybersecurity sector continues to grow and develop, working to countermand and prevent damage, unauthorized use or modification, fraudulent activity, or exploitation. The technologies developed within this sector involve any technology, policy, and standards regarding the security of computer systems, networks and controllers, and cover the mitigation of all threats and vulnerability, privacy protection, incident response, resiliency, and recovery policies and activities. Israel has been a dominant global force in the development of IT security technologies, particularly within this sector, for more than 25 years. Due to a variety of factors, including an incomparable concentration of professionals and vast government support, Israel is acknowledged as a pioneer in both the global development of disruptive Cybersecurity solutions, as well as the design of revolutionary cyber policy.

This brief gives a high-level overview of the Israeli industry, important statistics, and how global cybersecurity trends are reflected in the activity of the local ecosystem.

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"The digitization of everything is making orgnanizations dependent on highly connected technology. This brings numerous benefits, but also makes us increasingly vulnerable. To ensure ongoing innovation, the cybersecurity community needs to help organizations push the envelope while finding a balance between cyber resilience and productivity."

- Nadav Zafrir
Co-founder and CEO of Team8 and former Commander of the Israel Defense Force Unit 8200

"We all leverage cloud and mobile as part of our digital day-to-day way of life . At the same time, prominent malware and attack methods continue to evolve, bypassing existing security solutions, and tailoring attacks against individuals and companies of all sizes. While all of us are worried about the next attack, more than 93% of organizations have not put in place the fundamental cyber security technologies to prevent these types of attacks. Attacks that can be avoided. "

- Dorit Dor
Vice President of Products Check Point Software Technologies

"The threat landscape continues to evolve and recent cyber attacks have been able to inflict damage even more quickly and on a massive scale, reinforcing the need for organizations to be much more proactive about security. Now more than ever it’s important to think like an attacker and assume breach – assume that the attacker is already inside the organization – and build your security strategy from the inside out. This means taking steps to block the attack pathway before weaknesses in IT, cloud and DevOps infrastructure can be exploited."

- Udi Mokady
President, CEO & Co-Founder at Cyberark

"Cyber problems usually have technological solutions, but the problems are never purely technological. Without taking into account the psychology of individuals, social behavior, business aspects, legal problems, etc., one cannot understand the issues. Hence, Cyber Security is interdisciplinary by nature."

- Major Gen. (Res.) Professor Isaac Ben-Israel
Head of ICRC and Yuval Ne’eman Workshop, Tel Aviv University

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