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The Digital Health sector is the confluence of healthcare and technology, and focuses on the provision and consumption of healthcare. Digital Health is primarily concerned with making medicine more personal, continuous, accurate, and data-driven, utilizing smart mobile applications, supported by advanced wearable and sensor technologies to empower patients by providing them with highly-efficient and accessible health management tools. Using these tools, healthcare professionals together with the patients themselves can variously monitor, predict, diagnose and treat a broad range of health conditions. In the healthcare business space, health analytics platforms, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, are dramatically improving medical decisions and clinical workflow. With a unique skill set of capabilities in information, communication, mobile, and cyber technologies, Israel has an unparalleled advantage in health analytics, complemented by more than 25 years of expertise in implementing health IT, electronic medical records, and business analytics.

The brief offers a high-level overview of the Israeli Digital Health industry, important healthcare statistics, Israeli success stories in healthcare innovation, and a breakdown of the local ecosystem into sub-sectors.

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"New tech is changing many business verticals and healthcare will be no exception. To us, digital health means the promise of Big Data and AI to improve the efficiency and quality of care. Or the use of cybersecurity to protect our most private data. If you are a digital health startup, let’s partner to change the world!"

- Michal Geva
Co-Founder and General Partner at Triventures

"Digital health, with all its subsectors, is reimaging the way we consume and deliver healthcare. It enables health and wellness to be delivered through mass personalization anywhere and anytime in a predictive, personalized, participatory and preventive ways. For vast adoption, digital health technologies have to prove value, meaning a better outcome in a cost effective way. Digital health technologies are facilitating fundamental shifts in healthcare; cultural and behavioral changes from all healthcare stakeholders, enhancing outcomes and quality of care and eventually will band the cost curve."

- Dr. Benny Zeevi
Managing General Partner, Tel Aviv Venture Partners

"It is clear that the digital health sector is a hotbed of innovation. New business models, mobile connectivity and sheer computing power allow constant accessibility, predictive analysis and many other tele-medicine capabilities that are transforming healthcare as we know it. The 3 V’s that define this change are Volume, Velocity and Variety. We expect this change to continue in an accelerated pace and create strong demand for disruptive, clinically proven technologies and products which will justify payment by patients, physicians and payers. "

- Ophir Shahaf
VP Business Development, eHealth Ventures

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