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Agritech, also known as Agtech, comprises technological innovations and capabilities that change how food and other agricultural products are grown, harvested, packaged, stored, transported, processed and sold - making the farm-to-table process more efficient, sustainable and safe. Israel is uniquely positioned to utilize sophisticated technological solutions to address the challenges that the world farming community faces at all stages of the food supply chain. The strength of Israel’s Agritech sector results from a variety of reasons, including government support and the lessons learned from the local shortage of natural resources, which fostered innovative methods and technologies for “growing more with less” long before it became one of the world’s pressing challenges. Over the past few years, there has been a global move towards data-enabled technology and the Internet of Things, technologies where Israel is acknowledged as a global leader. The range of Israel’s Agritech innovation capabilities is broad and varied, including in-soil and in-tree sensors, cutting-edge swarming robot drones, plant genetics platforms, cultured meat, alternative proteins, smart irrigation, and big data analytics software.

These briefs provide an overview of the Israeli Agritech and Foodtech ecosystems, with data on leading trends and success stories, showing how Israeli technology can solve the most pressing global food challenges of the 21st century.

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"The key challenges of the agritech market are slow adoption, price sensitivity, regulations, and limited capital. At the same time, the demand-market is guaranteed, and on top of that, the high barriers to entry and financial potential are driving investor activity."

- Dr. Nitza Kardish
CEO of Trendlines

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